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Pattern in FIFO_STATUS3 Register Does Not Update After Overrun Bit is Set

Question asked by Audrey Hendon on Jun 29, 2018
 I am seeing some odd behavior when using the LSM6DSL sensor.
I have configured it to use the FIFO in continuous mode, enabled storing of gyro and accelerometer data, and enabled wakeups and the wakeup interrupt.The interrupts are working properly when a wakeup event has been detected, and I am able to pull samples out of the FIFO. However, the pattern registers(FIFO_STATUS3) do not seem to update once the overrun bit has been set. I am always seeing the same value for every pattern value that I read.
Do the FIFO_STATUS3 registers stop updating once the FIFO has overrun? Or is there a setup step that I may be missing?