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Interfacing ACST1235 to MCU with galvanic isolation

Question asked by Zacson Skaria on Jun 26, 2018

I have been evaluating ACST1235 for AC switching and need help to find the optimal driver for connecting it to a micro-controller (3.3V) with galvanic isolation.

I have tested ACST1235 with MOC3023 and FOD4208 optocouplers for triggering triac gate and found that the triac false triggers when there is much noise the AC line. Although FOD4208 seems to have better immunity compared to MOC3023 in most cases. I did not use a snubber since ACST1235 has very good immunity towards dv/dt.


Can someone please help me to find the correct circuit for using ACST1235 with a 3.3V micro-controller ?