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Motor electrical parameters

Question asked by boeh.frank on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by boeh.frank

I am not entierly sure how to correctly enter my motor parameters, and which effect they have, can anyone check if I am doing this correctly (sensorless operation with cordic startup, no extra features like flux weakening, bus voltage sensing):

- max rated speed: used for fault detection only, correct?
- nominal current: used for torque limitation, correct?
- nominal dc voltage: what is this value used for?
- Rs: this is meant per leg, so I measure the DC resistance between two phases and divide this by two
- Ls: same as Rs, measured at 100Hz
- demagnetizing current: what is this value used for?
- B-EmfConstant: I drive the motor externally, measure the AC voltage between two legs, calculate the RMS from that, divide this by used RPM, multiply with 1000

Any help is appreciated.