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Sensorless FOC takeover problem

Question asked by boeh.frank on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by boeh.frank
Hi Gigi,

I was playing with sensorless rev-up and found a feature not doing what I expected, or maybe also not knowing how to use it correctly. I use Observer+Cordic scheme, and enabled the "Rev-up to FOC switch-over" feature. I extended the duration to 500ms, in order to understand what the library is doing during that time. The result was that the motor started accelerating quickly after end of rev-up, for these 500ms. After that time, FOC took over completely and declerated hard to the desired rpm. If I disable this feature, then everything works fine, I juse hear a click in the motor in the moment FOC takes over. So my question is here: am I doing something wrong, what is this feature for, is it possible that it does not work?