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How to configure CubeMX to enable LCD in STM32F469i-disco

Question asked by Wojciech Sura on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2018 by Arthur Jordan

I'm hopelessly trying to configure CubeMX to enable LCD TFT on STM32F469i-disco board (bought recently if that matters). The best effect so far is the following:


Current effect


What I did:

1. Used CubeMX to generate configuration with all peripherials configured

2. Switched off all I did not need (for instance the RTOS, USART etc.)

3. Selectively copied BSP drivers from the CubeF4 examples. I added all dependencies (components, fonts), such that project builds correctly

4. I try to draw cross through the whole screen, important part of the main.c follows (I stripped comments to improve clarity):

int main(void) {   HAL_Init();    SystemClock_Config();    MX_GPIO_Init();   MX_CRC_Init();   MX_DMA2D_Init();   MX_DSIHOST_DSI_Init();   MX_FMC_Init();   MX_I2C1_Init();   MX_I2C2_Init();   MX_LTDC_Init();   MX_QUADSPI_Init();   MX_SAI1_Init();   MX_SDIO_SD_Init();   MX_TIM1_Init();   MX_FATFS_Init();    BSP_SDRAM_Init();   BSP_LCD_InitEx(LCD_ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE);   BSP_LCD_DisplayOn();   BSP_TS_Init(800,480);    BSP_LCD_LayerDefaultInit(0, 0xC0000000);   BSP_LCD_SelectLayer(0);   BSP_LCD_DisplayOn();   BSP_LCD_Clear(LCD_COLOR_DARKCYAN);   BSP_LCD_SetTextColor(0x00000000);   BSP_LCD_DrawLine(0, 0, 799, 399);   BSP_LCD_DrawLine(0, 399, 799, 0);    while (1)   {   } }

This is the best effect I could achieve, at least the lines are visible, but obviously this is not what I'm counting on.


I attached the CubeMX configuration file to this post. I'm kinda new in microcontroller programming (a background with Arduino only), so I have no clue, what might I misconfigured. As the source is really simple, I guess, there's something in CubeMX, that I have misconfigured or not configured, but I'm running out of ideas. I looked at the CubeF4 demos, but they lack CubeMX configuration files. Also, I failed to deduce from the sources, how to configure the LTDC in CubeMX.


I can attach the whole project if needed (though there is nothing more than HAL and BSP copied from F4).


What am I missing? How can I fix the configuration? Is there a place in the Internet that shows how to configure CubeMX for LCD?