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Feature request - PWM duty cycle

Question asked by boeh.frank on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by boeh.frank
Hi Gigi,

my application uses two insulated current sensors. In this configuration, STMCWB does not allow me to enter the maximum duty cycle (Control stage -> Analog inputs -> Phase current feedback -> Maximum modulation). The inverter MOSFET drivers use high side bootstrapping, which requires me to limit the maximum duty cycle, otherwise a stalled motor could cause insufficient high side gate voltage. As diode bootstrapping is the most common way to provide floating high side driver supply, almost all power stages will require duty cycle limitation. However, STMCWB grays out this field and forces it to 100%. I currently help myself by overwriting the setting manually in the right header file (e.g. #define MAX_MODULATION_95_PER_CENT), hoping this has the desired effect.

It would be great if this value could be made changeable STMCWB in all configurations.