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Some questions about MCSDK 5.1.1. (etc. Motor)

Question asked by WOO HYEUN CHO on Jun 25, 2018

Now I try to control the BLDC motor with ICS.
There is no example for ICS. : D
Ask the STM Forum members.


Current Sensing IC: AMC1200 (FDA) (Isolation)
Motor current phase: U phase, W phase check.
Used motor: Linear DC motor (400W, 300V)


1. Hardware part.
Opamps suitable for ICS (can measure shunt resistance ..)
Of course, it is for current sensing.
I would like to have an opamp recommended by STM.
It should be isolated by default.

2. Hardware part.
We proceeded with current sensing for ICS operation.
I checked the current of the motor.
My hardware measured the U and W phase currents.

However, the firmware checks the U phase and V phase currents.
Is my hardware okay?

3. Hardware part.
The MCU specification uses STM32F427VGT.
Is there a problem when using MCSDK5.1.1?

4. Other functions. MTPA, Flux Weakening, Feed Foward etc ...
Is it necessary to use BLDC motors with ICS?


Everyone has a good day ~




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