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Maximum baudrate error on CubeMX on USART2 STM32F030C8

Question asked by Alef Rosa on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Alef Rosa

Good afternoon!

My name is Alef, I'm trying to set up the usart2 baudRate from STM32F030C8 to 2Mbps but I can not succeed.

I'm using 48MHz clock so according to the manual, at 16 samples, I should be able to reach up to 3Mbps, but CubeMx says the limit is 500kbps. But if I go in code and manually put 2000000 it seems to work normally.

My questions are:

  • I wonder if this is a Bug from CubeMx?
  • If not, why this lower limit?
  • Using USART2 with 2Mbps briefly, could it generate any problems in the future?


Thank you all.

Imagem do BubeMX