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ST25DVxxx V_EH pin characteristics

Question asked by Mike xx on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by JL. Lebon

I'm wary about assuming anything that doesn't have a firm specification and the V_EH pin seems to have very little information about it.


1) The datasheet says "When the Energy harvesting mode is disabled or the RF field strength is not sufficient, the energy harvesting analog voltage output V_EH is in High-Z state." What is the specification associated with this High-Z state? Specifically what is the reverse leakage?


2) I cannot see any specification associated with V_EH output voltage vs current characterisitcs. Do they exist? I apreciate it will be a function of the RF field. What is the unloaded voltage on the pin?


Is this the best IC for the job?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.