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Student project samples

Question asked by Dylan Gybels on Jun 21, 2018



I'm Dylan from the OSCAR:QLITE team. 

Me and a team of 5 other students are creating a new kind of magnetometer using diamonds. 

We are one of the team taking part of the BEXUS campaign (organised by ESA).


We are using the STM32F756VGT6 as a data manager and ethernet controller and the STM32F722RET6 for controlling all the parts of the sensor itself (sensor and data manger are in different places). These are very handy microcontrolers because they have all the peripherals and processing power we need. But they are quite expensive (for students), certainly when you need multiple setups (and some ESD happens).


Can I ask for samples for these microcontrollers? And how can ask for samples for these microcontrollers?