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Read out protection - STM8L052C6

Question asked by Bjoern Smith on Jun 21, 2018

Hi everyone

I'm working on a product usung STM8L052C6, annually number produced are around 50000 units..

The customer wants (for obvious reasons)to be able to lock the memory, which was easy enough, writing to the ROP byte..

But they also want to be able to unlock the chip again, I know the syntax, write AA to ROP, read EOP, write AA, read EOP..


But the production machine, runs linux using STM8Flash, and ST-linkv2. At the moment unlocking is not working properly on the main branch of the git version.


Have anyone made a fix, or have some great idea ?

If other tools are suggested, they need to work on linux with ST-Linkv2 hardware, and be command line programs