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360 degree rotation on all axis, LIS3DSH

Question asked by Ashish Pamula on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Ashish Pamula

Hi all, I'm working with the LIS3DSH accelerometer which is the accel2 click board on the raspberry pi. I was able to get the angles of x, y, and z-axis based on the binary reading and I was also able to determine the roll and pitch of the accelerometer based on the equation I found in the datasheet. The question I have is, how am I let it suppose to know that it has done a full 360-degree turn? As of now, it knows that when I turn the accelerometer tune 90 degrees, it shows me the angles of x and z plane with respect to the z-axis. As soon as the threshold gets more than 90 degrees, it resets to zero and does the math again. I am not able to implement it based on the figure I found in the datasheet which I have attached below, along with a snippet of my code which calculates the angles based on the readings outputted by the accelerometer. You can have a look at my whole '.c' code as well, which I have attached. How am I to do this?