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STM32F4-Discovery Audio playback and record example USB problem

Question asked by sabanovic.eldar on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by raj.rahul

I am beginner with STM32F4-Discovery. I loaded some examples to flash, all worked, but can't play "audio.wav" wave audio file from USB key nor record "rec.wav" with "audio player and recorder example". Program goes over USBH_Process(&USB_OTG_Core, &USB_Host) in main.c, and cycles here forever, no blue led ligths up, no sound, no switch to recording mode. It seems like something wrong with usb flash connection initialization, because USBH_Process function in usbh_core.c repeats at "volatile USBH_Status status = USBH_FAIL" after "case HOST_ERROR_STATE:". How I can fix this, or what I did wrong?