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stm32f407 center aligned PWM with phase shift

Question asked by Tomislav Matic on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by Tomislav Matic

Hello everyone.

I'm using STM32F407 Black VET6 board. I need to create 6 center-aligned synchronized PWM signals with the same frequency, but every signal needs to have its own DutyCycle and PhaseShift control. Example of 3 signals is given in them image below. I have read Phase-shift PWM with STM32F407 STM32F407 doesnt have asymetric mode, also how to generate phase shifted PWM using STM32F334? but every signal should have different duty cycle. In my case all six signals need to be in sync.

Is this possible with STM32F407? Can you point me to the write direction, which timers to use, in what mode...?

Thanks in advance.