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How does __HAL_DCMI_GET_IT_SOURCE() macro work?

Question asked by Jur Div on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Jur Div

I am debugging my camera application which doesn't render correctly (STM32 F746 discovery board + STM32 F4 DIS-CAM).


To find the error, I want to count the number of DCMI Line and Frame interrupts and check if numbers match/make sense.

My attemt to do this was adding the _HAL_DCMI_GET_IT_SOURCE() to the DCMI_IRQHanlder() and increasing a counter every time a line or a frame interrupt occurs. I don't understand how this macro works, what does it return?
The documentation (I've read it all: DCMI AN5020, HAL UM1905) says that the macro returns "the state of interrupt", what does this mean? What is the best and/or the simplest way to count mentined interrupts?