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STMStudio Issue - no more data stream

Question asked by Ulrich Hausmann on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Ulrich Hausmann


I used STMStudio on the NUCLEO-F303RE for plotting signals and it worked fine. Now I built my own PCB with an STM32F303RC, broke off the debug-part of the NUCLEO board and startet debugging with the SWD connector. Everything worked fine in the Truestudio and the signals look good. So, I wanted to stream the signals with STMStudio. But, it doesn't work. Instead of a any signal I only get a single value which is far off from the data range. I even got the SWV in TrueStudio working. I also performed a check on SWCLK and SWDIO. Both look fine.

Any ideas?