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Unable to get low differential pressure interrupt in LPS25HB

Question asked by hemant pathak on Jun 14, 2018


I am working on LPS25HB in our custom linux board. I have configured the sensor on I2C interface and able to read pressure, temperature.I am trying to check the interrupt on data ready event, high pressure event, low pressure events and on both high and low pressure events. I am able to get interrupt in all the cases except low differential pressure. 

According to my understanding threshold pressure is set by two registers THS_P_H and THS_P_L and Interrupt
threshold(hPA) = (THS_P)/16. where THS_P = THS_P_H&THS_P_L. 

When I set THS_P less than the current pressure value then i am able to get the high differential pressure event., but if I am configuring the THS_P higher than the current pressure value then i am not able to get the higher differential pressure event.


I may not able to get how low differential pressure event will occur please help me to solve this.