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MCSDK 5.0 User code wont execute

Question asked by jonatan blom on Jun 14, 2018



I’m developing an application using Nucleo-f446re and MCSKD, but the program never reaches the user code while loop. I have made a super simple example that tries to turn on user LED on PA5. I generated the code from mcsdk and added a line in the while loop to turn on the led. If I run the debugger in TrueSTUDIO it stops debugging after the lines below (from MX_NVIC_Init()), if I comment out these lines the program runs. What do they do and how do I resolve this? Also what is the correct way to use MCSDK when you are done with  motor control workbench and don’t need those UI parts anymore?    


HAL_NVIC_SetPriority(TIM1_BRK_TIM9_IRQn, 4, 1);