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How to create project using old firmware package version in STM32CubeMX?

Question asked by Sven Köhler on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Tilen MAJERLE

For reasons of testing, I'd like to create a new CubeMX project that uses an old version of a firmware package (To be precise, I'd like to create a projects using STM32L4 0.11 and 0.8.1). The virtual COM port doesn't work anymore with STM32L4 0.12.0 and I want to test older versions again.


CubeMX doesn't seem to allow to do that. CubeMX always selects the most current version of the firmware package for new projects - even if the most recent version of the firmware package isn't installed. Am I missing something?


I managed to get hold of older versions of CubeMX. It seems that, for example, I can use CubeMX 4.24.0 to create a project using STM32L4 0.11.0. Now I have to install multiple CubeMX versions to test different firmware package versions. Luckily the CubeMX Release Notes make it easy to find the right versions.


Is there an easier way? In particular considering that official downloads of old CubeMX versions are not available on