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Creating a stack TCP/IP for STM32

Question asked by Koceila Hami on Jun 13, 2018
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I'm working on a network project on STM32 where we have to introduce specific communication protocols, these protocols are not all implemented in open source libraries for STM32 ((… ) [Page 40 to 43]), I would like to know if we could add new protocols on a TCP stack / IP using sockets? or if we can create one ourselves?


For example:

I need the SSH protocol for secure remote access to the microcontroller, which is not implemented in the open source stack LwIP, can I add it using sockets? and if so, how to proceed?


Another question one can dumb:

Why STM does not have as microchip, a stack TCP/IP (Harmony) complete with all possible protocols for PIC32?


Thank you