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STM32CubeMX don't generate code that enables SYSCFG clock?

Question asked by Kenny McCormick on Jun 13, 2018

STM32CubeMX: 4.25.1

MCU: stm32f427


In my application, EXTI is used for external signal triggerring. In STM32CubeMX generated codes, MX_GPIO_Init() initializes GPIO & EXTI related stuff but without enabling SYSCFG clock, in which case the EXTI is not functional.


I think as I selected pins as EXTI in GUI of STM32CubeMX, the generator should enable SYSCFG clock automatically otherwise the function of generated code is not complete.


I also noticed that STM32CubeMX 4.26 has been released. I have not tried the lastest version and I don't know if this problem is fixed.