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stm32l0 openocd

Question asked by Mickey Atias on Jun 13, 2018


- using STM32L011F4U6 micro-controller, 

- compiling with arm-none-eabi-gcc
- flashing / debugging with OpenOCD 0.10.0
when we used STM32L053xx, everything was working perfectly.
we were able to flash / debug
now, when switched to STM32L011F4, with just 2kb of RAM,
we are unable to flash / debug the uc
looking at the stm32l0.cfg script. I can see the it needs WORKAREA (ram) of 8kb, but we have only 2kb
so I modified it to 1kb/2kb, and skipped to the next problem:
the CPU probably gets reset when trying to flash.
looked over the web, found a workaround for the reset issue: remap the flash to address 0.
so now we are in a situation where we don't really know what happens: it won't stop at main() (breakpoint)
and anyway, the CPU does not seem to do anything..
please advice!