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ETH_IRQHandler never hit

Question asked by ismail fatih iltar on Jun 13, 2018

Im using stm32f746ZGT + LAN8472A  and lwip + freertos on my custom board. I generated default ethernet project by cubemx. I set static ip.

  1. After connect cable. Link leds seem like good. Yellow one is stable and green one is blinky.
  2. In debugging i can see netif is fully configured and link is up.
  3. RXD0 and RXD1 pins which are entering mcu have signal (i can see on oscilloscope screen).
  4. Clocks are good (i tested with oscilloscope).

But ETH_IRQHandler never hit so it doesnt answer any questions such a ping request. (I enabled ICMP). I couldnt find the problem source :/