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Interfacing STM32F722VET6 With Quad Memories

Question asked by Karan 123 on Jun 13, 2018



I want to interface 512Mbit or 1Gbit I  with  STM32F722VET6 with CubeMX . I have seen lots of option for interfacing  ..


Which option I need to select for below memory chips in Quad SPI Mode , Bank (s) and Why ?.

I also have to create FAT Partition on Flash Memory.. 


Manufacture - Macronix
Part No. - MX25L51245G,%203V,%20512Mb,%20v1.6.pdf

Manufacture - Cypress
Part No. - S25FL512S

Manufacture - Winboad
Part No. - W25N01GV



Please update .. I am first time using these QSPI memory IC.