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Dual Motor Control with STEVAL - IHM042V1 and FOC SDK 4.0

Question asked by eckschlager.flor.001 on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Gigi

I use the STEVAL - IHM042V1 for dual motor control with FOC SDK 4.0
My Configuration is:

M1: Single Shunt (TIM1) with OPAMP3 on B13, the hall sensors are on TIM2 A0,B3 and B10
M2: Single Shunt (TIM8) with OPAMP2 on B14, the hall sensors are on TIM3 B4, B5, B0

I removed R72 and R76 and connected SB1 and SB2, the jumpers are all set on pin 1 and 2.

When I try to compile the code, I get an error on line 5088 in file "SystemNDriveParams.h"
"Error[Pe020]: identifier "OPAMP3_NonInvertingInput_PA7" is undefined"

Now I need to change line 206 in "Control Stage parameters.h" from
"#define OPAMP2_NONINVERTINGINPUT_PHB           OPAMP3_NonInvertingInput_PA7" to
"#define OPAMP2_NONINVERTINGINPUT_PHB           OPAMP1_NonInvertingInput_PA7"
to succeed compilation.

Controlled by the Workbench motor 1 runs very nice as well in speed as in torque mode.
But motor 2 does not. In speed mode the motor tries to start but there is immediate an over current error. In torque mode the motor runs but is cogging very heavy. (Torque ref (Iq) = 2000)

I tried to change the configuration. I set TIM3 for Motor 1 and TIM2 for Motor 2. Now Motor 2 runs fine, but motor 1 is cogging. So it seems to me that both output stages are ok, but the problem is with the hall sensor/timer.
I measured the signals from the hall sensors directly on the µC pins. They are ok.
So I think there is a problem with the software.

Do you have any idea?

Btw: In three shunt sensorless configuration both motors run fine too.