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How to get 2 Mbytes RAM with STM32F407/427 and IS61WV102416 memory?

Question asked by Yurii Stukalo on Jun 12, 2018
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How to get 2 Mbytes RAM with STM32F407/427? I have Dev. Kit  STM3240G-EVAL wich have STM32F407IGH MCU and  IS61WV102416BLL-10MLI 16 Mbit (1Mx16) SRAM memory on the board. One example which provide ST for the dev. borad I have 1 Mbytes external SRAM (linker regions for RAM is Start: 0x64000000 End: 0x640FFFFF). How can I get 2 Mbytes RAM with the memory? Or it is not possible with the memory as it have 1Mx16 configuration ?  Thanks.