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VL53L1X test with a foggy area and distance impacted!

Question asked by leo su on Jun 12, 2018



We use 4 -VL53L1X sensors in our product and we have a closed box (rectangular shape), in which we place a 
foggy stuff for a worst air condition to see object distance impact or not.


Before the foggy stuff in, 
ideal distance of S1 S2 S3 S4 in cm are
S1 ~ 1cm, (blue plot)

S2 ~ 39cm,  (red plot)

S3 ~ 18cm, (purple plot)
S4 ~ 10cm, (green plot).


From 4 plots, during foggy period in middle time, from red plot, distance is dropped from among 39cm to near 25cm (14cm), if it can be proportional to a linear impact, if desired object distance is near 200cm, and during foggy period, it may be impact by 14cm * 5 (200cm/40cm) = 70cm; it seems a lot distance drop. Is there any referred statistics of foggy test from ST sensor chip? Then I can base on them for more tests.