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stm32f746 disco USB CDC

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Bogdan Golab


I try run a USB CDC on my eval board using USB FS. I generate from cubeMX a code with CDC, set a clocks (HCLK sets on 216MHz and 120MHz but USB clk on 48MHz) A clear code from cubeMx should cause that windows find a virtual com port in device manager but it isn't like that. On oscilloscope i don't see any signal on D+ and D-... I checked a RCC register but I saw that clock for USB FS is enable. I connected a usb fs on my PC and laptop where I have windows 10 and PC where is linux ubuntu. 

Did anyone have a problem either with USB CDC on stm32f7 disco using USB FS?

In attachment is a my configurtion from cubeMx.


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