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New Project Download - Virtual Com with Cmd Shell and ADC Reading

Question asked by jlc.jlsilicon on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Clive One
This Project might be interesting, is the CDC Usb Virtual Port Example
                         - that I modified to return ADC Reading values,
                         and provide a simple Commands Shell Example,
                         - which allow Reading and Writing of individual Port Pins.

                         Page - see Virtual Com Project for Descriptrion and Download :
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Note: This Project is designed for implementing on the Stm32f4Discovery Board, and needs no additional parts. It uses the onboard Leds and User Button. But, the User is free to add a Potentiometer for ADC Testing.


The Project allows connection via USB to the PC as a Virtual Com Port. So, the User then simply opens up a Com Term program like HyperTerm on the PC - to directly talk to and Control the Board. It will immediately start sending ADC readings (x1/sec) from the PC0 port pin to the Com Term.


A simple Command Shell example is included that allows the User to: Disable/En the ADC readings, Read Port Pins, and Write Port Pins; - directly from the Command Terminal.


Commands below :


? - for Help Instructions ;


z/y - Disable / Enable auto ADC Readings ;


a-h 0-9/a-f - in LOWER Case - READS from the Port a-h of Pin 0-9/a-f (hex) ;


A-H 0-9/a-f 0/1 - in UPPER Case - WRITES to the Port A-H of Pin 0-9/a-f (hex) a Value of 0/1 ;


For example, enter 'a0' (without the appostrophies'') to Read PortA.Pin0 - which is the USER Button. And, it will return 0 or 1 depending if the Button is pressed or not.


Another example, enter 'DF1' to Write a 1 to PortD.Pin15 - which is the BLUE Led - which should Light. And, 'DF0' to turn off the Led.


The Project Instructions (in the root dir) even explain how to partially light the Leds.