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FreeRTOS or CMSIS  RTOS in CubeMX???

Question asked by Mujtaba Hossaini on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Mujtaba Hossaini

Dear friends,


in CubeMX, when it is required to use an RTOS in the project, in the configuration tab there are options for both FreeRTOS and CMSIS  RTOS and you have to config both of them but there are no options to choose just one.

If we want to create tasks and queues and we config them in Tasks and Queues tab in CubeMX, the CubeMX automatically creates them using CMSIS RTOS APIs not FreeRTOS APIs but Memory management resources are based on FreeRTOS.


My question is, does CubeMX use a mixture of FreeRTOS and CMSIS RTOS and if there is a way to use just one of them in our projects?


And why there is no options to create memory pools in CubeMX?