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LIS3DE vs. LIS3DH HW FIFO Handling

Question asked by Martin Lampacher on Jun 11, 2018
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we've been using the LIS3DH on a development board and have switched to the LIS3DE for the prototype. We're using the HW fifo feature to batch-read values from the sensor. The LIS3DE is only 8-bit and thus I was expecting the HW fifo to only provide 8-bit values, but it seems like it is still sending 2 bytes per axis, is this correct?


The reason I'm asking is simply due to the fact that the _L and _H distinction does not exist on the LIS3DE, I'm always reading from register 0x29 (instead of 0x28) and read using auto-increment. In the received data every second value is zero and thus the values are actually signed 16 bit values?


What is the correct way to interpret the values? Attached: Buffer as read from LIS using HW fifo feature