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USB2642 Power Draw

Question asked by pitchford.don on Jun 11, 2018



I am trying to build a daughter card using the USB2642 to provide two USB ports and a SD card slot to a processor board.   I am trying to do a minimalistic design that draws the least amount of power and smallest foot print.   The daughter cards will be fixed.   I have created the following design and tested it and it works, but having a few problems:


1.  Power Draw, this board pulls 250mA of power with no SD card or USB devices attached and the USB2642 gets really hot.   Is this normal?    I don't believe it is so I am trying to figure out what wrong with my design.    Do I need EEPROM to change register values to control the FET? 


Also my USB cards are fixed and I tried power them from main power, and eliminate the MIC2026.  It didn't effect the power drain. 


Any thoughts?