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stm32 multiple ADC redings error

Question asked by hussik hat on Jun 11, 2018
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I'm using cubemx to initiate the project, the mcu I'm using is stm32L053C6. To that I have 2 sensors and 2 transistors connected to adc inputs. The code below shows how I get the input value, voltage, from the first temperature sensor. Then I use the same code for each value I want to read. The problem here is that the first value I read is always wrong, it gives me 2048, and it's 12 bits resolution, so...

I wonder how I can fix this?

//Start ADC readingif(HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc) != HAL_OK){  while(1) {}}//Wait for EOC (end of conversion)while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}//Read ADC value//Repeat for all channels.  while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}experiments[0+index].temperature += hadc.Instance->DR;printf("\n ex0 i rolling %d\n", experiments[0+index].temperature);  

The code for reading the voltage values for the 2 temperature sensors and transistors is as below. I read the values 16 times and calculate an average. But as I said the first value I read is 2048. Is there an calibration missing? somthing that I should add so that the first reading doesent give me high?

void readRollingADC(int index){  HAL_Delay(1);   //Start ADC reading  if(HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc) != HAL_OK){    while(1) {}  }   //Wait for EOC (end of conversion)  while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  //Read ADC value   *> ****//Repeat for all channels.       while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}   experiments[0+index].temperature +=> hadc.Instance->DR; printf("\n ex0 i rolling %d\n", experiments[0+index].temperature);*****     while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[0+index].ube += hadc.Instance->DR;   while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[0+index].vrb += hadc.Instance->DR;   while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[0+index].vrc += hadc.Instance->DR;   while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[1+index].temperature += hadc.Instance->DR;printf("\n ex1 i rolling %d\n", experiments[1+index].temperature);    while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[1+index].ube += hadc.Instance->DR;   while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[1+index].vrb += hadc.Instance->DR;   while(!(hadc.Instance->ISR & ADC_ISR_EOC)){}  experiments[1+index].vrc += hadc.Instance->DR;}

How do I fix this? Does it have something to do with the code or the initiation of the adc? What I can do is to read the first value and not save it, but I don't think that's the proper way