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STM32F746G Discovery Arduino D10 Pin confusion ... Bug?

Question asked by Mikrocontroller Projekte on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by Clive Two.Zero


I have tried to use the PWM output on Arduino UNO connector D10 on my STM32F746G Disco.


It is a bit confusing because different documentations show different pin sources for this pin.


  • actual ST Cube Tool shows: ARUDINO PWM / D10 - PI0, TIM5 CH4
  • actual User Manual UM1907 shows: PWM/D10 - PA8, ARD D10, TIM1 CH1
  • actual Schematic Pack STM32F746G-DISCO schematics  (MB1191) shows: PWM/D10 - PI0, TIM5 CH4


My Logic Analyzer on my Hardware MB1191 B-01 shows PA8, ARD D10, TIM1 CH1 is the right one...


So my conclusion, ST Cube and schematic pack show the wrong pins PI0, User Manual shows the right Pins in combination with my HW Version MB1191 B-01.

Is this a bug in the documentation and Cube or is there a hardware change on the board and the user manual is to old?


Thanks a lot!