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STM8S debugger changes speed of MCU !?

Question asked by SMPS_Gerd on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by SMPS_Gerd
Hi all,

I'm use the STM8S103K MCU with COSMIC + STVD + STLINK debugger.

I setup TIMER1 to generate a bitsequence (each 14ms) on an output pin during timer overflow.

Everything is fine as long as the debugger is connected to the device (load the code to the MCU).
Now I disconnect the debugger and switch off the power of the MCU.

After power on the MCU now, the bitsequence which is generated is very slow( now 448ms).
The timing difference ist exact factor of 32.

There are any ideas, what kind of things I do wrong?
I use the HSI with prescaler 1, CPU prescaler is also 1.

I never had such a problem with other projects.
How can I debug this?

Thanks for any help!