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how to read SD Card 2 files at the same time by STM43F103RC

Question asked by forest xu on Jun 11, 2018
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I have a project that is a series speakers.  

There are 2 speakers master speaker (MS)  and slave Speaker (SS)

I want to design the MS as following function.

1) use phone as controller through Bluetooth

2) MS with SD card a list of song stored in the SD card

3) by Phone App. I can select Sone A to play on MS

    at the same time select Sone B to send it to SS by Bluetooth.

    both Song A and B are stored in the SD card.

(The songs are special and not stored in the Phone)

Thank you!


the Key question is

can STM32F103RC read Sone A from SD to send to DSP to play 

and Read Song B to send to Bluetooth module to broadcast  at the same time ?