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LwIP_HTTP_Server_Netconn_RTOS example + Static IP + STM32F767ZI

Question asked by christopher nagy on Jun 10, 2018



I am working with a STM32F767-NUCLEO board, rev. Z and I am running into a bit of trouble with the example project provided for lwip. Out of the box, I can run the program in debug mode and ping the address acquired via DHCP. The problem I'm having is that if I enforce the static IP address, I can no longer ping the board. Here's what I changed in the example code [app_ethernet.c]


// if (dhcp_supplied_address(netif))
// {
// BSP_LED_Off(LED3);
// BSP_LED_On(LED1);
// }
// else


That results in the static IP of being used. I can see the static IP address with my IP scanner, it claims to be "alive" but I get a timeout when I ping. Am I missing something as to why I can't connect with a static IP but can when it's dynamic?