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On a 32-bit processor, can an ISR and the main loop share an int32?

Question asked by Chris Rice on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by David Siorpaes

This may be a galactically stupid question, but I'm an 8-bit programmer making the leap to 32-bit programming.


On 8-bit CPUs, we could "share" (read and set) a 1 byte (char, uint8_t) variable between ISRs and the main loop.  Setting or reading it was atomic, so the ISR could set a flag and the main loop could read it, without corruption by interrupting between assembly instructions.


Is the same true, by chance, for 32-bit processors and 32 bit variables (uint32_t, int32_t)?  Can I read to and write from a single 32-bit variable from ISRs and main loop with impunity?


(I'm guessing I'm not so lucky.  In fact now I'm hoping nobody shoots down my 8-bit assertion as a premise...)