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Problem with STM32 Cube MX 4.26.0

Question asked by Evandro Teixeira on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Oleg Shabashkin

The problem found in STM32 Cube MX 4.26.0, is that the tool over-wrote the
files of my project..
I'll describe what happened:
1. My project I was working on was created with STM32 Cube MX 4.25.0..
2. I updated the STM32CubeMX.
When opening my project, and make some changes and then asked to
generate the source code.
A The first error message appears. Saying that there is a problem in the
Makefileproject file.
The following is an image with the error message.


Message with problem information in the Makefileproject file.


4. Changing the project settings, clicking the OK button displays the message
saying that my project already exists. And ask if I want to write over with a
new project.
The following is an image of STM Cube MX with error message [1]. We also
have the file structure of my project [2].


[1] [2]


5. Clicking the "No" option, I can not implement my new settings.
By clicking the "Yes" option, the STM32 Cube MX overwrites the articles with
a new project. In the following image shows the file structure of my project,
it is important to note that some files have been removed from my