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LIS2DS12 magnitude module running at 800 Hz instead of 1600 Hz

Question asked by David Mann on Jun 7, 2018

I am running LIS2DS12 with SPI using Arduino libraries and streaming data to microSD using the accelerometer FIFO buffer.


Running with all 3 axes streaming to microSD works properly at 1600 Hz.


When I switch to using the module to save the magnitude of the 3 axes, the resulting data are sampled at 800 Hz not 1600 Hz (testing by recording 300 Hz continuous waveform, which appears as 600 Hz).

Running the module at 3200 Hz results in a triangle wav in the FIFO buffer.

Full code here: TTFT/Arduino/TTFTwav at master · loggerhead-instruments/TTFT · GitHub 


Are there limitations on the magnitude module sample rate?