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The problem of STiD135 ts

Question asked by xiaobing teng on Jun 8, 2018

hi, I am a beginner of stid135, I had a problem when I tried to configure stid135 to output TS. I used PRBS11 as the data source of a dvb modem to modulate a dvb-s signal, then to use development board STiD135 NIM_B2249B_02 to demodulate it, notice, there was no noise. and then I got the TS data, after removing the sync byte 0x47, I got the payload data. the problem is, the payload should be a period of PRBS11, you know, it's 2047, and it should not have any error bit, because there was no noise in the signal, and I found the period of the payload data is 2047*187*8, it looks like, some bits of PRBS11 have been replaced of other words from STiD135. so, I want to know, why does this happen? why the payload is not a PRBS11?

thanks a lot!!