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Confused by datasheet for the STM32L082KZT6 - no VDD_USB pin??

Question asked by Neal Radford on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Khouloud G

Hi All,

I am brought a a bunch of STM32L082KZT6 (STM32L082 in LPFP32 pinout) parts and I've started designing my PCB but in the datasheet the VDD_USB pin is omitted (only) for this package BUT ST says it supports USB device mode.



I have looked at the part using STM32CubeMX and enabling USB shows USB_DP(PA12) and USB_DM(PA11) but no VDD_USB pin...


Can I assume it just gets USB_VDD power from VDD and I should just make sure VDD is >= 3V if I am using USB?


Any and all help greatly appreciated!