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When are ST VCP drivers for Windows 10 going to be available?

Question asked by Brendan Simon on Jun 7, 2018

There are no VCP drivers for Windows 10.  Apparently the Microsoft drivers in Windows 10 provide the same functionality .... HOWEVER they don't seem to work with standard STM32 MCUs with the standard/default VCP USB descriptors/configuration.


The COM port enumerates but all attempts to open the port fails.  The problem is `SetCommState()` always fails with and error 87 (INVALID PARAMETER).  I don't know if this a bug or not, but I can't any sets of values in the `DCB` structure to work.  Even a `GetCommState()` followed by a `SetCommState()` fails !!


Apparently older versions of Windows 10 did work, but some later upgrades to `usbser.sys` caused things to fail.


see: c - SetCommState function fails (error 87) - Stack Overflow 


I think it's time for ST to release drivers that work with Windows 10 !!


What are the chances ????