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LL USART APIs not woriking!

Question asked by Mujtaba Hossaini on Jun 7, 2018

Dear friends,


I am trying to send data over RS485 protocol using a STM32F107RCt6 MCU.

I config the project in CubeMX and when I write the following code, the USART does not send any data while the project compiles successfully and no errors occurs.




I've done this project using SPL libraries and HAL libraries but now I want to migrate to LL APIs.

The code I wrote for LL APIs is pretty much the same as SPL APIs but I don't know why it is not working.


I've tested this code on STM32F103RCt6 MCU too but it also didn't work.


I am using the CubeMX version 4.25 and STM32CubeF1  version 1.6.


I'll be thankful if someone code help me using LL USART APIs in my project.