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Setup for 32F769IDISCOVERY to use STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator?

Question asked by B Jennings on Jun 7, 2018

I'm trying to bootload directly onto the STM32F769NI device on the 32F769IDISCOVERY using the Flash Loader Demonstrator. I found the rc2.9 version which as I understand was setup to support the STM32F7 family. 


I can't quite get the software to recognize the device. My setup includes a USB->Serial converter (tested working with various applications on the STM32F769). I've tried UART1 and USART6 with various baud rates and serial configurations. Furthermore, I've moved the boot pin resistor from pulling low to high and tested in both low and high configurations. 


An additional test I performed was manually sending the 0x7F autobaud command to the board, I did not receive any response. 


Am I missing something in my configuration and setup? Is this form of bootloading compatible with this device?