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STM Software Tools X-Cube, Arduino, MicroPython 

Discussion created by Kevin Angus on Jun 6, 2018
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For 2018 I truly hope that STM will put more effort into making X-Cube a real tool and all processors supported in the Arduino / MicroPython worlds.

I just purchased the X-NUCLEO-53L1R1 and NUCLEO-L476RG just to be disappointed: No X-Cube integration and the  Windows based STSW-IMG008 software only supports NUCLEO-F401. Speaking of STSW-IMG008: Why? 6 year old SDK installed on my computer along with some version DirectX? Once a day my labradoodle produces a product that is better than the software in STSW-IMG008.


You want to sell parts? Make it so the shiny thing is the environment to develop for your parts.