maxime Monfort

Compiling issue Atollic BlueNRG2

Discussion created by maxime Monfort on Jun 6, 2018


I am working in a project and we need to use one BLE chip.

We found the chips from ST (BlueNRG-2) and so we bought the Steval-IDB008V2 (the eval board).


Now we met some difficulties to flash and debug the projects which use the BlueNRG2 with Atollic.


In fact, everything is working fine with the examples provided by ST DK(BlueNRG-1_2 DK 2.6.0) when you flash through  the BlueNRG-2 Navigator V2.6.0 , but if you try to compile and debug by your own with Atollic (to understand the behaviour of the BLE, and to adapt the code for our project) there is an issue:


We haven't modify the project, we just try to use Atollic to flash the BlueNRG-2 on the Eval Board instead of passing through the navigator.

 Do you have an idea about what is going wrong?


Thank you !!