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Ether and QSPI FLASH are connected to PINs of STM32F745VG

Question asked by Akihiro Toriyama on Jun 6, 2018



Regarding our development board using STM32F745VG, we would like to add QUADSPI FLASH in next our PCB board. But some QUADSPI_BK1_IOx(PE2 and PA1) are already connected to Ethernet IC. And QUADSPI_BK2_IOx PINs are not used our PCB board now. Therefore, we would like to use QUADSPI_BK2_IOx PINs and these PINs will be connected to QUADSPI FLASH.


Is it possible to use PE2(ETH_MII_TXD3) and PA1(ETH_MII_RX_CLK) functions and QUADSPI FLASH using QUADSPI_BK2_IOx PINs?


We worry about we cannot control QUADSPI_BK1_IOx and QUADSPI_BK2_IOx independently.