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USB CDC not working when FSMC is enabled on STM32F412 (CubeMX)

Question asked by Gábor Kiss-Vámosi on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Jan Waclawek



I have a simple custom PCB which drives a TFT controller via 8 bit FSMC. It works well.

When I add the USB CDC I get hard fault after ~1 sec run even without any USB transmission.


I used CubeMX to generate the code. Finally I didn't add any user code and experienced that when I comment "MX_USB_DEVICE_Init" or "MX_USB_DEVICE_Init" I don't get hard fault.


Have you ever experienced something like this?


Environment details:

- CubeMX v 4.26.0

- MCU: STM32F412RG



Than you in advance!