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CAN-bus analyzer

Question asked by jcerna1 on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 12, 2012 by BJ Freeman

I am a newbie in microprocessor systems, so I need some help. I would like to build CAN (Controller Area Network) analyzer for monitoring CAN bus on vehicles (not for diagnostics, just to see simple message frames with identifiers, etc.). I have a few questions:

1) Which IDE to use, as I see there are 4 of them. I am pretty familiar with Eclipse platform, should I go for TrueStudio?

2) Can I connect STM32F4Discovery directly to the CAN bus (5V), or do I have to use voltage shifters or something?

3) When I receive the frame, I would like to immediately send it to PC via UART. Is it possible to connect the Discovery's microUSB port to the PC, create virtual COM port and send data over it? Or is there any simpler way?

That would be it for beginning ... thanks for your answers!